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Water Logged in Omaha

In the spring of 2010, the Omaha, Nebraska, area was hit with a couple of very heavy rain falls within a months’ time. Unfortunately, the water found its way into our basement causing considerable damage and disruption to our lives and financial situation. After the second rain event, we knew we needed a professional to fix the reason why the water was continuing to enter our basement. Not knowing exactly who to contact, we called Heartland Foundations and are so glad we did! We received a very timely and professional acknowledgement to our problem along with cost effective options to fix the issue. Heartland Foundations did a great job and left the area neat and orderly. We have since used Heartland Foundations for other projects, not of the urgent but preventative nature, and received the same courteous, efficient, professional workmanship for each project. We’re truly satisfied with Heartland Foundations and will continue to use them when needed.
Mary Wildfang

Professional service with reasonable prices

We bought our house Oct 2008 and that next spring, we unfortunately discovered we had standing water in our basement after a big rain. We knew at that point we needed to get someone in to get the problem fixed. My husband and I had called all the “big” named waterproofing companies and were very unimpressed with their cost and professionalism. We wanted someone we could trust to fix the problem right the first time without spending an arm and a leg. It wasn’t until spring 2011 that we found Heartland Foundations.
I knew right away that Jay Jay was someone we could trust and was really impressed with his beyond reasonable prices. We hired them to trench our basement and install a sump pump and couldn’t be happier with the finished product. The crew was highly professional and respectful throughout the entire project. They communicated with me and let me know their progress at the end of each day, and cleaned up everything once finished. After some strong rains recently, I am happy to announce we finally have a dry basement!! Thank you Heartland Foundations for a job well done!

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